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We offer full support with your name change, from questions before and after completing your name change.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Recieve My Posted Version?

We dispatch your posted version within two working days and send it 1st class by Royal Mail.

Can I Download My Deed Poll Multiple Times?

Of course! No matter what tier you bought, you can download your deed poll unlimited times.

Do You Offer A Refund If My Deed Poll Is Rejected?

In the rare case that your deed poll is rejected, we'll offer a full refund. But only if it's rejected by the UK Passport office or DVLA, we'll also need proof of this. For more details on our refund policy click here

All-round Support

We offer all-round support through our email support channels. If you've got questions before or months after you've completed your name change, we'll help.


"Thank you for making the process so easy and easy to understand"

TH - Hampshire

"Just what I needed, thank you for making it so simple."

BL - Bedfordshire

"Couldn't ask for more, quick delivery and easy to make."

EV - Essex

"Thank you!"

JW - Kent

"Finally a company that made it easy to change my name."

JG - Merseyside

Create My Deed Poll Now

Deed Poll UK

A deed poll is a legal document used to change a person's name in the UK. It confirms a person's intention to abandon their old name and assume a new one.


Legal's function is purely as a document provider for the self-declaration of an unenrolled deed poll. Our service has been used by thounds of happy customers.

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